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Eric J. Rodriguez

Education Consultant

AEF® Board Member

Eric J. Rodriguez

At the age of eleven, Eric's family moved from Houston to Ecuador. The experience was a complete culture shock, to see communities in poverty for the first time right in front of him. Eric learned about inequality and the impact education can have in closing the poverty gap in developing countries.

His perspective of what was possible began to take shape in the seventh grade at El Colegio Javier in Ecuador. The school opened its first computer lab, and his class was the first group of students to use it. Within minutes students were able to go online and feel connected with the rest of the world. From that day on, Eric knew he wanted to learn more about the role technology would have in the new century.

The experience in Ecuador is what drives him today to ensure we continue to use technology for good and help prepare the next generation for the speed and disruption of the digital 21st century. Eric has led technology programs, workshops, and talks in Arizona, New York, Texas, Louisiana, California, Swaziland, and Ecuador. His impact with organizations such as Aguila Youth, SHPE, Prospanica, Intel Foundation, and INROADS led him to be recognized on Arizona’s 40 Under 40 list and Young Hispanic Corporate Achiever.

He is a global leader in the technology sector, currently Education Regional Director at Intel and keynote speaker on exponential future. Over his professional career, Eric has held roles in engineering, operations, chief of staff, human resources, project, program, and product management. Eric holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA from Loyola University in New Orleans.

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