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Heather Todd Horrocks

Attorney, Weiss Brown, PLLC

AEF® Board Member

Heather Todd Horrocks

Heather Todd Horrocks practices at Weiss Brown, PLLC in the fields of data privacy, corporate law, securities, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). As a data privacy attorney, her in-depth understanding of the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of privacy laws and regulations allows her to assist companies in developing comprehensive data protection strategies, ensuring compliance with international and domestic privacy laws. Heather's knowledge extends to advising on data breach response plans, privacy policies, consent mechanisms, and data transfer agreements. In the realm of corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, from business formation and contract negotiation to structuring, negotiating, executing transactions, and helping to guide successful exits, Heather provides guidance on due diligence, contract drafting, regulatory compliance, and post-merger integration. With her understanding of data privacy, corporate law, and M&A, Heather is dedicated to helping businesses traverse the legal landscape, protect their interests, and achieve their strategic goals in an increasingly complex business environment. Outside of the office, Heather enjoys traveling with her family to destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, and Argentina.

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