our world: educators for Indigenous students

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children."

- Chief Sitting Bull


Our World: Educators for Indigenous Students provides free workshops and resources to educators serving Indigenous students.

Workshops for schools are available as well as presentations for student assemblies and ways to connect through digital platforms. Sessions can be held for entire school faculties or tailored for smaller groups.

Workshops are three hours in length and may be reserved as half day professional development or combined for full day trainings.

Once workshops are booked, schools or will be asked to complete a survey about any equity work that faculty may have participated in previously. This enables facilitators to tailor a customized experience around the specific needs of your staff.

Our World: Educators for Indigenous Students is supported in part by:


Our World: Educators for Indigenous Students is a track offered through AEF's "Our World" initiative that provides training and resources for educators who serve Indigenous students and inspires Indigenous youth to pursue teaching as a profession.

Educators for Indigenous Students offers both digital and in-person opportunities. The digital platform,"Indigenous Educators Unite," is an idea conceived by 2020 Arizona Teacher of the Year, Lynette Stant (Diné), a 3rd-grade teacher at Salt River Elementary School on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. A veteran Indigenous educator of almost 20 years and a member of the Navajo Nation, Stant decided in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to reach out to Indigenous educators via Zoom to talk about issues with supporting students amidst the digital divide. Two other educators responded, both from the University of Arizona: Amanda Cheromiah from the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico and Felisia Tagaban (Diné/Tlingit/Filipino). Together, they launched an ongoing webinar series called "Indigenous Educators Unite" that brings Indigenous educators together around current issues, challenges, and best practices.

When the Arizona Educational Foundation began development of the "Our World" initiative, an invitation was extended to Indigenous Educators Unite to promote the digital platform and to enlist Stant, Cheromiah, and Tagaban in developing content to not only reach Indigenous educators but also expand the work to include all educators serving Indigenous students. Inherent in this idea is the need for more Students of Color to pursue the teaching profession.



For Schools.

Opportunities are available for schools, districts, and individual educators interested in building cultural understanding and learning strategies for reaching Indigenous youth.

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Indigenous Educators Unite

Digital Platform

Indigenous Educators Unite is a digital space for Indigenous Educators to meet, create community, and share best best practices.


For Indigenous Youth.

Education is powerful when students see themselves reflected among school faculty. Bring Our World Fellows to your school or community to share with students how they can make a difference by becoming a teacher.

workshops for schools.


Building Connections with Indigenous Students: Strategies for Adopting Inclusive Classroom Practices: This 3-hour introductory workshop for teachers and administrators provides a foundational historical understanding of Indigenous people and the historical and racialized constructs that sometimes lead to misunderstanding. Participants will learn ways to identify and interrogate bias and privilege and incorporate classroom and school wide practices that celebrate Indigenous cultures and build connections with students.

Celebrating Indigenous Students: Transforming Classrooms for Inclusiveness: This 3-hour workshop is a follow-up to the "Building Connections" workshop. How can educators affirm and honor the cultural uniqueness of Indigenous students? This 3-hour intensive session will provide ready-to-implement strategies for teachers on examining current classroom practices and designs and insight on transforming those environments into culturally inclusive and responsive spaces for Indigenous students. Having conversations about race and identity can be tough for teachers; this session will also model conversations and provide constructs that teachers can use to foster understanding among peers (or other educators) and students.

staff contact.

To bring Our World to your school or community gathering, please contact Renee Levin at ourworld@azedfoundation.org.