40 for 40

Teacher Grants

In celebration of their 40th anniversary in Arizona

Intel Corporation and the Intel Foundation are proud to launch the

40 for 40 Teacher Grant program.

Intel will award 40 amazing and innovative Arizona teachers

with $2,500 grants for a STE+aM project or program.

40 for 40 Grants Guidelines

Applicant Eligibility

  • Any full-time certified PreK-12 grade teacher working in an Arizona district public school, public charter, or Bureau of Indian Education school is eligible to apply.

  • Grants are open to classroom teachers of any content area including Grade-level teachers, Arts, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, and Physical Education.

  • Grant funds must be used during the 2019-2020 school year at the school named in the application.

Grant Criteria

  • Grants must be used to fund STE+aM projects (one-time or short-term) or programs (ongoing or long-term). STE+aM is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math as pathways for student inquiry, creativity, discourse, and critical thinking.

  • Grants may be used for student-centered projects or programs serving individual classrooms, multiple classrooms, or schoolwide STE+aM opportunities OR may used to fund teacher professional development in STE+aM.

  • Projects/programs must be teacher-led and school sponsored.

  • After school programs and clubs are eligible as long as theyr are school-sponsored and teacher-led.

  • School-based CTE and JTED programs are eligible to apply.

  • If awarded, teachers will be asked to submit a photo of themselves that will be shared in marketing and on social media.

  • If awarded, reporting requirements include teachers providing either five photos or one 60-second well-produced video suitable for sharing on social media. Teachers will be asked to obtain media releases for individuals depicted in videos or photos.

Project/Program Examples

The following list is a sampling of the types of projects or programs that would be eligible. This is not a comprehensive list. Applicants are welcome to submit other ideas as long as they meet the grant guidelines.

  • Edible schoolyards

  • Makerspaces

  • STE+aM field trips

  • Sensory classrooms, gyms, or labs

  • Teaching artist residencies

  • Equipment/supplies needed for STE+aM instruction

  • Outfitting school laboratories

  • Increasing engineering and/or technology opportunities for students

  • Robotics clubs

  • STE+aM training for teachers

Grant Restrictions

Funds may not be used for:

  • Hiring or compensating school employees.

  • Facility maintenance or repairs.

  • Non-profits, private schools, and home schools are ineligible.

  • Equipment - insert legal language

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