our world in the workplace.

"To bring about change you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try."

- Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist

Our World in the Workplace supports businesses and organizations in establishing equitable and diverse practices where all employees are valued.

Workshops are 3 hours and can be booked for small teams, HR departments, or company-wide trainings. Workshops can be customized for half-day and full-day sessions.

Once workshops are booked, organizations and businesses will be asked to complete a survey about any equity work that employees may have participated in previously. This enables facilitators to tailor a customized experience around the specific needs of your employees.

Opportunities to add a community outreach social justice project are also available.



Building Connections in the Workplace

This 3-hour introductory workshop is for organizations seeking to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion practices or wishing to orient new employees. Training begins with a foundational understanding of anti-racism and creates a safe, non-confrontational space for employees to engage in this work. Participants will learn how to recognize discrimination practices that some employees face because of their race and discover micro-aggressions and unconscious biases that often lead to conflict. Beginning strategies for building culturally inclusive workplace environments will be explored.

Transforming Workplaces for Inclusiveness

This 3-hour workshop is a follow-up to the "Building Connections in the Workplace" workshop or for organizations who have already undergone extensive equity and anti-racist training. Does your organization have a solid equity infrastructure that all employees are knowledgeable about? How do the products or services your organization provides or the policies you implement impact all employees, especially People of Color? What internal changes will benefit all employees and what external practices are in place? This workshop will engage organizations in a deeper examination of current practices and design a shared goal-setting process with metrics to track the organization’s journey toward improved inclusiveness over time.

Social Justice in the Community

Want to put theory into practice? Consider engaging employees in a social justice project to benefit the community. This unique volunteer opportunity begins with an 90-minute orientation provided by an Our World Fellow defining what social justice in the community looks like with tips on choosing a project and assigning employee roles. An optional extension may be included with an Our World Fellow initiating the project with employees and also periodically returning to help monitor the project (if desired).

staff contact.

For information or to bring Our World to your workplace, please contact Renee Levin at ourworld@azedfoundation.org.