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Youth Programs

Our World Youth Programs provide opportunities for students to engage in social justice projects and to discover why more Black and Indigenous People of Color are needed in the teaching profession.



Social Justice Through Service Learning

Social justice is making positive change. Teachers bring positive change into the world every day in many ways. An Our World Fellow will work with you and your students on experiential learning and classroom practices that will give your students opportunities for seeing how change happens and how they can be both actors and leaders in creating change.  Our World Social Justice through Service Learning can make your teaching relevant, enrich your classroom community and connect to the outside world, while building creative problem-solvers and leaders in your classroom and beyond.


Our World Fellows will work with the teacher to lead 5 classroom virtual or in-person sessions. The teacher and class will have “homework” in between each session. The sessions will culminate in a social justice service learning project and authentic assessment.


Student Skills Gained:

  • Identify and research real-world issues in their community;

  • Discern fact from opinion;

  • Listening, discussion and presentation techniques;

  • Recognizing multiple points of view and perspectives;

  • Enhanced empathy, leadership and communication.

Social Justice Through Service Learning Project Examples: Below are examples of the types of projects students may choose to lead. An Our World Fellow will work with students to research and select a project that aligns with their specific school's needs.


Project Idea #1: Healthy Food Grown Here

This project invites students to consider how a school garden would contribute to the health of their school setting. Student investigations are likely to consider surveys, interviews, research, budgets, collaborations, and more.


Project Idea#2:  Promoting Inclusion 

This project invites students to recognize inclusion issues in the school by investigating barriers to equity and accessibility. Student investigations are likely to include interviews, collaboration, research, budgets, and more.


Change Our World: Become a Teacher

Having a Teacher of Color can be a powerful experience for students. Our World Fellows can speak to classrooms, after-school groups, or host school-wide assemblies to inspire and motivate Black and Indigenous Students of Color to consider the teaching profession.

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