Senator Martín Quezada at Bicentennial South Elementary


Take Your Legislator to School

This unique collaboration pairs teachers with local state legislators who spend a full day in a public school classroom. 


This partnership facilitates meaningful conversation between policy makers and educators and gives state legislators an intimate look at the day-to-day realities of public schools in Arizona.

Representative Doug Coleman at

Highland Junior High School


Take Your Legislator to School is an annual collaborative initiative lasting the entire month of September. This initiative is spearheaded by the Arizona Educational Foundation and supported by two local Arizona partners: Arizona Education Association and Arizona K12 Center.

Activities may include:

  • Meet and Greet with Legislator and school stakeholders

  • Student-led school tour

  • Observation of a lesson

  • Legislator teaches a lesson (history or civics)

  • Lunch

  • Visits to other classrooms

  • Q and A session with chosen students and pre-selected questions

  • Conclude the day with positive reflections and next steps




AEF Contacts Legislators and forms matches with educators


Legislators schedule visit with their host teacher


Take your Legislator to School Month

To follow updates of legislators’ visits and the program, follow AEF on Facebook and Twitter and look for #TakeYourLegislatorToSchool in September.


"On Monday, September 15th, Representative Phil Lovas came to visit the students, staff, and parents of Sunset Hills Elementary School in the Dysart Unified School District in Surprise.  I taught a lesson on citizenship while Rep. Lovas observed with a list of specific teaching points and things to watch for, such as how I check for understanding, make learning mandatory, and differentiation strategies for the 5th graders in my exceptional needs classroom.  Rep. Lovas then received a school tour led by 8th grade National Junior Honor Society representatives.  He also met with school administration and parent leaders to discuss various issues important to all stakeholders.  The visit was a successful step toward establishing relationships between education leaders and policy makers."


– Beth Maloney, M. Ed., 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year® & National Board Certified Teacher

Maloney 1_edited.jpg

Representative Phil Lovas at Sunset Hills Elementary School

"Today, Senator Katie Hobbs came to my school. It was a very successful day! She was able to see different students in different scenarios, see special programs and enjoy students, teachers and parents. She was invited to give a presentation in the Government class and in the AVID class. At the end, the principal gave her an honorary diploma. She is now a graduate from North! I had complete support from the administration and from the teachers. Senator Hobbs agreed in meeting next Monday for debriefing. It was an incredible experience. I think that she grasped the idea that we are here to support her regarding education issues."


– Heidi Ann Garcia, PhDNorth High School

"Representative Kate Brophy McGee joined us at Kiva for the greater part of the day.  She toured school with our Student Council Officers before school and joined me for announcements.  She spent over two hours in Karen Brisbane's class where she observed a masterful science lesson on weather.  The lesson integrated ELA standards, provided opportunities for collaboration and critical thinking.  Students made predictions and provided evidence for their answers.  Karen was masterful, not surprising for being a National Board Certified Teacher, and incorporated a plethora instructional strategies.  Representative McGee asked a lot of questions and I was able to guide her through her through the learning progressions (with some tactical pre-coaching from Karen).


Representative McGee had an opportunity to address the 5th graders in Karen's class (she teaches a 4/5 combo) about their upcoming BizTown field trip.  She had lunch with a group of teachers and PTO parents.  She was thoughtful and fully a supporter of public education.  I was impressed.  More importantly she was impressed with SUSD, Kiva, and Karen Brisbane.  Please join me in thanking Karen for hosting Representative McGee and showcasing the great things happening in SUSD."


Nick Noonan, Kiva Elementary School


For questions or to learn more about Take Your Legislator to School, contact Terri Bradford, AEF® Director of Communications at