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Colleen Sauer

Director of Accounting, Arizona Public Service

AEF® Board Member

Colleen Sauer

Colleen L. Sauer is the Director of Accounting at the Phoenix corporate headquarters of Arizona Public Service, where she has devoted 20 years of accounting leadership and practice. She has extensive experience in financial accounting including business operations oversight of Pinnacle West, APS, Bright Canyon and other affiliate companies in the utility energy industry. She previously served as Treasurer on the Pinnacle West Political Action Committee Board and is the co-chair of the Employee Engagement Council. She also serves as an advisor with the Phoenix Union High School accounting program. Colleen earned her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Northern Arizona University, obtained her Master of Science in Accountancy at Southern New Hampshire University and recently completed her Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt at Purdue University. She comes from a family lineage of accountants, including her grandparents, mother, brother, and identical twin sister. Colleen obtained her Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt at Purdue University and is an avid sports fan, sharing a love for all Arizona teams, especially the Cardinals, Suns, and Diamondbacks.

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