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"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."

-Sydney J. Harris, journalist


Bringing Our World to Your School


Workshops for Arizona schools are provided free of charge thanks to the generosity of our title sponsor:


Workshops can be held for entire school or district faculties or tailored for smaller groups.

Workshops are three hours in length and may be reserved as half day professional development or combined for full day trainings.

Once workshops are booked, schools or districts will be asked to complete a survey about any equity work that faculty may have participated in previously. This enables facilitators to tailor a customized experience around the specific needs of your staff.




For Schools.

Full and half day workshops are available for schools, districts, and individual educators interested in building cultural understanding and learning strategies for connecting with students.


For Youth.

Education is at its most powerful when students see themselves as change makers. Our World provides opportunities for students to lead social justice work and discover why more Black and Indigenous People of Color are needed in the education workforce.


Teaching Resources.

Under Development.

Discover lesson plans, videos, and other classroom resources.

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Building Connections with Students: An Exploration of Anti-Racism and Strategies for Adopting Inclusive Classroom Practices

This workshop for teachers and administrators provides an overview of equity, diversity, and inclusion and an accurate understanding of what it means to be "anti-racist." While many schools or districts may have already engaged faculty in equity, diversity, and inclusion training, this training delves deeper into how unconcious bias can manifest on school campuses. Participants will learn ways to immediately begin incorporating classroom and school-wide practices that build connections with students.

Educating for Equity: A Guide for Schools and Districts Seeking a Comprehensive Model (3 hours)

This 3-hour intensive is a follow-up to Building Connections with Students OR for schools and districts who have already undergone extensive equity and diversity training. Building upon the foundations discussed in the first session, Building Connections with Students, this follow-up session will lead schools and districts through ideas for establishing systemic, sustainable infrastructures to support equity.

Social Justice in the Classroom

Student-led social justice work can be a powerful catalyst for change and young people possess the ability to understand the difference between oppression and justice. Social Justice in the Classroom is an add-on component to Our World that provides teachers with the opportunity to integrate student-directed service learning through the lens of social justice. An Our World Fellow will work alongside teachers and students to identify a project, assign roles and action steps, develop outreach and marketing plans, and help guide students toward a finished project.

staff contact.

To bring Our World to your school or for additional information, please contact Renee Levin at ourworld@azedfoundation.org.